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Green Hell Crack PC Game Free Download Full Version

Green Hell Crack is an open-world survival simulator set within an uncharted corner of the Amazon jungle. You were alone in the jungle, without food and equipment. Your job is to survive and get out into the people. However, over time, isolation starts to put more and more pressure not just on your own body but also on your mind — and your battle for life turns into a war of attrition. How long can you hold out independently against the unknown?

You’re left alone in the jungle without any food or gear, attempting to live and find your way out. Clinging to life, the player is put on a journey of durability because the consequences of solitude wear heavy not just on the human body but also the mind. Just how long can you live against the hazards of the unknown?

Green Hell DLC on this trip, you will not get any help from the outside world. Equipped with your bare hands, you’ll need to learn actual survival practices to construct shelters, make tools, and craft weapons to seek and defend yourself. Constantly threatened by the jungle, you’ll fight with both wild animals and tropical sicknesses. Players will also have to face the traps set by their minds and anxieties that creep into the darkness of the endless jungle.

Green Hell Free Download:

Green Hell CD Key As you progress through the game, there will be four important vitals to track on your HUD. You have your own food, which is divided into three subgroups: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. So you have the water levels. If any of these vital signs drop too low, you will lose health. If your health drops to zero, you die or can be revived if playing co-op. The different types of vital foods are a unique take on the genre, as you’ll find all kinds of different foods to make sure those levels stay high.

Along with food, water, and your general physical health, you’ll need to stay sane. This is measured in the form of your sanity level. If it drops too low, you’ll find yourself battling not just animals, the environment, and tribes, but your own thoughts as well. These negative thoughts can lead to blurred vision and hearing problems, and even cause hallucinations. The last thing you want to do is eat raw food or skip sleep because that leads to even more sanity loss.

Green Hell Steam Key Jake is armed with a handy satellite watch that doubles as a health monitor and compass to keep you on track. Your inventory is in your backpack, so it’s always with you and you save money by building a shelter, wherever you are. Don’t forget to save before you get into a tough crossroads or venture, and somewhere you’re relatively safe – it’s a bit annoying to repeatedly die for seconds with each save!

Green Hell Crack PC Game Free Download Full Version

Green Hell Gameplay:

you’re thrown deep into the emerald and impenetrable Amazonian rain forest. The green hell Game. Your target is to live in the depths of a nightmarish environment with an intuitive means to escape. Having just radio at your disposal, you will follow the familiar voice of a loved one via this endless and inhospitable jungle, unveiling bit by bit the way you got there in the first place. What you discover will probably be worse than that which you fought so hard against to endure.

Green Hell Multiplayer beginning of narrative mode — about ten minutes or so — is equal to the tutorial, and it can’t be skipped, so you might miss the tutorial and dip into story mode. Should you live first time outside (highly unlikely!) You’ll be away, without needing to do it all again, for real this time.

It’s possible to play with a friend in story mode, and have a friend along to watch out for danger, slap a cure collectively, and generally, look out for each other. Co-operative multi-play is also available in online survival mode, where you and others work to keep the team alive and on the move.

Whichever model you perform, it’s likely to survive, but the game doesn’t make it easy — you need to work at it, and you may well complete the game tired and feeling like the real Amazon would not be quite so decided to make. You dead! In both modes, there are lots of missions and side quests to work through.


  • Utilization of accurate survival methods (including starting fires, camp building, animal traps structure )
  • Sourcing and writing objects permitting survival (including weapons and weapons )
  • Food sourcing (hunting, cropping)
  • Wound, disease, and other injuries treatment depending upon the situation

System Requirements:


  • Requires a 64-bit chip and operating system
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 660, Radeon RX 460 or equivalent with 2 GB of video RAM
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible


  • Calls for a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • Performance: 8 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Model 11
  • Storage: 8 GB available space
  • Audio Card: DirectX compatible

How To Install?

  • Click the “Download Game button.
  • Download the game on PC.
  • Run the downloaded file.
  • Go through the installation game process.
  • After installing the game start.
  • To play

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